The American Dream: AM, PM BMs


I started running during my senior year of college, primarily to support my absolute, unwavering addiction to food. I would say that nobody loves to eat as much as I do, but the food blogosphere has shown me that I’m just in very good company.

As my running picked up, I got more and more competitive with myself, and the distances got longer: first a few 5Ks, then an 8 and a 10K, and eventually half marathons. I’m currently in the process of training for another half, with plans to run my first full marathon in 2018. I’m not sure if my linebacker appetite is balanced out by the running or caused by it, but I just take me as I am.

My familiarity with “runger” (running hunger – close cousin of hanger) is at an all-time high currently. To try to manage this, my diet is hella fiber-friendly, and I am the most regular. If we’ve met IRL, we have definitely talked poop. My theory is that a good work-life balance is indicated by both an AM and a PM BM: the former to start the day anew, and the latter to serve as a culinary highlight reel for the day. And this blog is a tribute to that. Let’s get weird.